Sunday, November 30, 2008

That foot guy was back

He makes me uneasy.
No one else plays with my hooves quite like he does, he must have a fetish of sorts.
But once he is done, man they feel great! I could run like the wind ( if I didn't look so darn pregnant)
Mum is in denial about me running with Cowboy ( my ex ) just before she came and took me from my last home. I'm happy she payed the money for me and my baby, we have a pretty good place here and get lots more attention. But she keeps sending this weird man out to file and cut our feet at random intervals.
We never know when he is coming, he just shows up and the stress starts, for me anyways. Beauty must have met this man a few times before, she just stood there like a champ and took it. I heard mum say she fell asleep. Crazy mare she is, how could you close your eyes when a strange man is cutting your legs off at the knee?

I'm glad that is over with for the next few months.


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