Saturday, December 6, 2008

She hates us both we think

I think we drove her over the edge the past few days.
Venna keeps breaking down the fence, and of course I follow her around the yard.
Mum came home the other day and we were both standing at the hay shack, just eating a few bites. She saw our hoof prints on the road and across the road, she BLEW A GASKET.
It took her almost 2 hours to fix the fence and when she put me back in, I ran right back through, I was worried she forgot about Venna on the other side.
Apparently this was not a smart thing to do.
On my way through the fence, mum actually hit me! She grabbed my halter roughly and jerked my head the whole way back into the fenced area.
Fay was a good girl and stayed in her fencing, mum went over to talk to her after she was "done" with us.
I think she wants me and Venna gone, I keep biting and kicking and rearing at her for no reason, and Venna keeps plowing through fences.
Yesterday Venna went back through the fence but on another side which let Fay come in with us, Venna took off in the yard but me and Fay just stayed in the broken fence. Fay said it would be best for us to stay there and not get her mad again.
Didn't matter though, she was pissed when she saw Venna had broken everything again.

I'm not sure whats going to happen with us, but for the past few days she has been horribly upset with the 2 of us. Fay is a smart horse, she doesn't put up a fight with mum, she just stands there and lets her do what ever she wants to her, I don't think she has ever tried to bite her. I don't understand why Fay just sits back and takes it all?

Well, better go stand like good horses out by the fence. I hope Venna doesn't break it again, I don't like this angry mum anymore, I want the happy one back.


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Technodoll said...

But they're so gorgeous, you can forgive them anything, right? LOL!