Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mum's home!

What a weird week, alone with the bad man.

He's alright but things are never done "just right" when its just him watching us.
We all got food, we all got to pee and do our stuff on time, but he just doesn't play like mum.

My sis came back when mum came back, I think she went with mum for some reason, but she said she was at the sitters. Something about heat and boys. I don't know about heat..., it was pretty cold here so they must have went far away on a holiday with out the rest of us.
Something is fishy with this story. I will be sure to get to the bottom of it.

But everything is back to normal now, play time rocks again.
Today apparently we are building something and putting hay in it. My people don't think its very fun, but to me it sounds exciting. I can probably head out and chase the horses since they will be so busy. My bro Meiko will take advantage of this. The big square hay things are fun to climb on too, and warm to lay in. Just don't lay in the pile that Fay is eating she will try to kill you with those monster paws of hers ( they're really hard). Beauty and Venna don't mind when I sleep in their hay one bit.

Since mum left me for a few days, I made sure to chew something, I like my magazines, I thought I was chewing mums dog magazine but apparently it was dads Cabella's one... oops, I should be sure to take my revenge on the right one. He wasn't mad though, apparently he has another one like it so it was no big deal. They have started moving all paper things away from me since its my favorite to chew on.
I just like shredding them in a million little bits and making pictures on the floor with them. Mum isn't fond of my art work but she doesn't get mad at me. She keeps saying "at least its not another couch" I will never chew a couch again, I have never seen mum so mad at me. I didn't like that one bit.
But that was a long time ago and neither me nor mum like to think about that day too much.
Apparently it was expensive to replace. I don't know what that means, everything in life is free isn't it? I have never given any money to anyone, I just shred it when I see it.
It smells like lots of people.
One time mum had rolled some "dimes" ( what ever that is) I saw paper and ate it... it was a funny feeling when those little metal discs came out my bum later on. Mum counted them as she saw them and all 50 came back out thankfully. Apparently I could have gotten sick from that. I stay away from paper logs now though. It's fun remembering the bad things I did as a puppy.
I should go out for a pee now, I'm ready to face the day.
Hope all other blog pups are doing good, keep driving your people crazy, it shows you how much they really love you when you see how they react ;o)

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Technodoll said...

Oh gosh you are one crazy girl! Your mum should be thankful that you poop out money - she could make a fortune out of you... send you to other people's houses for a couple days and then you come back and voila! Cash! :-D