Friday, November 28, 2008

They can't sleep if you attack their toes

I am a genius!
I'm still a kitten so I want to play all night and sleep all day. I have no idea where my people go all day while I am sleeping but when they come home, they don't play for too long.
Last night I figured out if I creep up on the bed while they are making those weird sleep noises they make and ever so carefully attack their toes. They FLY into play mode!!!
They do a lot of jumping and a bit of yelling but once you dodge the feet flying at your face and run away and hide, round 2, 3, 4 ect... are just as fun as the first.
I did this all night last night, I did not get tired one bit.
They eventually got up and closed the door, but another trick I learned from my "brother" Floyd was if you claw at the door they get annoyed with this sound and will get up and open the door again!
People are weird to play games with. They get awfully grumpy about it, but as long as they are reacting to me, I'm happy!
This morning mum was extra crabby when she got up, she told me that i was a pain in her ass and made her morning coffee.
I was tired at this point so when she sat down on the couch to drink her coffee, I made sure to snuggle up extra tight.
Mum still reached over and petted me, even though she is confused and thinks her toes are her ass it was nice to rest with her.
When the bad man got up, I ran and hid. He isn't quite as patient and loving with us as mum, but he's still a good guy. I will cuddle with him later on tonight just before the toe attack games begin again!

Off to get in another cat nap for my overly active night.

Cheese Croissant ( yes that's actually my name, and they wonder why I torment them... do you not think the other cats don't torment me over this name?)

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prin said...

I love his face. *swoon*