Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Apparently I am "useless"

Or thats what mum keeps saying.
Yesterday while she was out chasing that smaller of the big creatures thing around and fighting with fences she came into the feed shed ( which is where I hang out a lot... I just don't like the house all that much so I pee on what ever I can until they let me out for a bit, its win win for me)
Anyways, I was watching MY pet mole eat some horse feed from a hole he chewed in the bottom of the bag and mum saw this.
Mr. Mole is probably the worlds fattest mole evah, but he is hungry, we have an agreement, I let him eat and live, he stays out of my bed. I think he gets in the house too just to warm up but who knows.
So, my pet Mr. Mole is so fat he can hardly walk from eating "high fat high fiber" horse feed so he's really slow, his feet barely touch the ground while he tries to scurry off.
Mum picked up a bucket and put him in it and carried him down the road ( shes a sucker too and can't kill him either, I don't know why she's so frustrated that I wont) I did my days as a mouse eater, now where I am I get food every day, a warm place to sleep ( anywhere I choose to sleep other than the counters thats the only rule... that and peeing on things but dammit a former feral cat needs to get out from time to time) anyways, that is why I do not eat the mice, those days are behind me now.
Mum muttered something to me when she came back with the empty bucket about going to the shelter and getting another feral to do mouser job... even if she does, I bet all my claws that it too will wimp out like me and the other cats here. We just don't "have " to work that hard when we live here. Its great.

Well, off to find my buddy Mr.Mole and bring him back, she didn't go too far with him and I know he wont be able to walk all the way back on his own so I will pick him up and bring him back so he can eat some more.


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