Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Tee hee, I can get out

Ha ha... I can escape now, I figured this out yesterday.
I just realized that there was half the fence that doesn't zap the shit out of me when I touch it, so I put my head under it and walk on out. The bigger horses can't do it, just me.
My people found me 5 times yesterday standing at the hay shed eating. Each time they would put me in the fence again, I would wait it out a bit and get out.
They tied it, wired, put chain link fence up hoping that I would get discouraged and give up, but nope... not this filly.
At midnight last night they gave up and put me in the electric fence area with Beauty :(
I'm screwed now.
My mom is in the fence I kept getting out of, I'm not allowed to see her anymore for a month or so. I just want a drink so bad, but apparently I'm too old for that now so we have to be apart. I can still see her and talk to her but I have to spend my days with Beauty (who by the way DOES NOT like when I look for a nipple on her... nor does she have any milk)
Well, I should carry on with my escape attempts now. Gotta find some way to get my people all worked up again...
Will report again later on if I succeed.

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