Friday, November 14, 2008

Start this off with a bang

Hopefully people searching around for pups online will google and read this.
I have to rant about the lack of things done in the Sudbury area to stop puppy mills.
In August a puppy mill in Wahnapitae was raided and the dogs seized. Not a whole lot of coverage on it, but recently on the radio I heard that the dogs are now searching for their forever homes.
Sounds like a success right?
Not really.
Today I found out that this mill is indeed still up and running.
I have called the Sudbury branch of the SPCA on several occasions about mistreated animals or mills operating (especially in the Wahnapitae area, there are 2 well known ones, rhetorical ad's in local classifieds, horrendous conditions these dogs are living in) and nothing seems to get done about it.
This one mill in particular (article seen here) is still producing all sorts of mixed breed pups in deplorable conditions.
Where is the justice?
C'mon Sudbury, stand up for those who can not speak up for themselves. Or are we an area with out a heart? Just because you are a striving community does not mean you should turn a blind eye to what is happening in our own back yards. And reading commentaries on some of the news coverage online I am ashamed that so many people think that by purchasing pets from places like this is saving them. It's not,you are opening the door for more pups to be born. Use some common sense.
Too many people are trying (and succeeding)to make a living off of breeding and selling pets.
Sudburians, please do your homework and know what you are supporting.

(more info on this mill)

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