Sunday, November 16, 2008

Under house arrest

Well it seems I am no longer allowed outside with out mum. It sucks, I'm stuck in the house like a house dog. I am NO HOUSE DOG! There is even snow outside, I LOVE SNOW.
I am a Tibetan Mastiff after all.

Anyways, the reason for my "lock down" is I'm in heat.
I have been threatening going to into heat for a while, it was fun acting like I was about to then not being there. Mum was getting frustrated.
But its here now. No denying it.
So, I'm not allowed outside apparently the boys will find me.
I don't know which boys mom is talking about I've never seen any, but she said they're around.
Wonder if they're good looking or not?
Guess I'll never know since I'm in lockdown.


Prin said...

She's super adorable. :)

Technodoll said...

We need more Karma pics, you know. This photo is such a tease!!

ps: are you getting her spayed soon?...

In animals eyes said...

Nope not spaying.
Need her intact for the ring, she starts up her showing this spring ( perhaps even as soon as after this heat is over with)

Technodoll said...

oooo! a showgirl!! WOW!! i can't wait to see her show photos! woot!