Sunday, October 25, 2009

Its been months

Mum apparently forgot about letting us blog since we moved to another home and mum got her new job which takes her all over the place and we have to stay at the sitters.
Our sitter is great, if we can't be home we want to be no where else than Nancys.
We get to play with some crazy boxers when mum brings us there. Its fun.

Our new house is great when ever we are there. Its much smaller and harder for us to mess up with our shedding fur but we try our hardest. One of the cats didn't move with us, Moxer man stayed behind, he didn't want to leave and the new people that moved in our old house wanted him to stay too.
We have neighbours at our new house too, a man and his wife who live across the road and cause mum to get headaches. Karma barks too mean at him and mum is terrified she ever gets free and goes near him. She feels something from him and wants him to know she says he is NOT welcome to come over.

We still havent seen our horses in ages, mum has said that Beauty has sold. Wonder what young horse she was getting into trouble with fencing with at her new home.
Hopefully her new owners will be good people, sounds like they are.

Speaking of horses, mum keeps talking about this horse named Pheonix, he sounds nice, hope I can meet him someday.

Well looks like mum is going to bed again, she must have to go to "work" again in the morning, i better go get some snuggle time in with her and the bad man

Now that she has been reminded to let us blog I hope she will let us on more often.


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