Saturday, March 28, 2009

Everything is in boxes

We have no idea what is going on here. Mum and the bad man are not really paying any attention to any of us anymore. All the horse stuff is long gone but mum still comes home sometimes smelling like them. I heard mum telling the bad man that Fay needed to have her teeth floated and this is prolly why she has gotten so skinny over the past month or so. What ever teeth floating is, it sure doesn't sound nice at all. I feel bad for Fay. I also heard mum saying Beauty had wolf teeth.... that just doesn't sound right at all. She's a horse, I don't understand how she got ahold of wolfs teeth? Brave equine she is that's for sure. I wouldn't try to get any teeth from any wolves.

I can't put up a picture of me to show you who is talking here, mum has everything we own in boxes, something fishy is going on.
It makes us all nervous that the new in thing is living life out of boxes, it just feels like they can up and leave at any time now and we would never see them again. We're all on edge and sit at the door alot just so they don't forget us if they take these boxes somewhere.

My Sista Karma got herself into some big trubble with the bad man this morning. He made himself some brekkie and left it on the counter and went to the bathroom to wash his hands and brave big Karma jumped up and took half of the stuff off his plate. She's a tall girl now, she towers over me and weighs a LOT. I don't like wrestling with her much anymore as it is just scary now.
I'm glad she likes us all though, she could easily do some damage to us if she got the idea to.

So the bad man YELLED at Karma over the loss of his brekkie and mum just laughed at him and told him that he shouldn't have just left it there like that. But she got upset with Karma too, not nearly as much as the bad man. She's condemned to staying on the bed now.
Since she doesn't really fit in her crate anymore I took it over, I like that little cave of my own. Karma growls when I go lay in it, but she just doesn't fit at all anymore.

Well, mum is doing things with boxes again so we had better get together and sit at the door to ensure she doesn't leave us here.


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