Wednesday, November 3, 2010

So I may be part mule

Wow, did I ever do it today.
Mum took me out to put some stuff in my mane to help it grow back really nice but at that exact time the man on the red tractor was bringing my dinner in to my field.
I was pretty hungy, it had almost been a complete 5 minutes since my last bite to eat and I was in the danger zone for withering away to nothing.
So mum took me up to the barn because it was raining a little bit but I just kept thinking about that whole round bale I saw going into my feed bin. I danced around and stomped my foot in displeasure for being in the barn and then one of those terrifying "kittens" as they keep calling them made a sudden movement and I had a little moment of panic.
Mum decided to bring me outside, apparently to make this process quicker, I thought it meant we were doing some work as we were in the arena where we always ride or do some form of ground work. I still need groundwork from time to time because I tend to forget my manners and I am a pretty big girl.
Anyway, thankfully mum is not a big fan of leaving me tied so she turned me loose in the arena while she went over to get the stuff she wanted to put in my mane.
I took off running like a racehorse, you should have seen me go.
On my way back up to the opening of the arena mum shouted "Whoa" and I know this means STOP NOW. So I tried, but I had such good speed at this point that I did a little bunny hop and decided to try to clear the fence.
My front end made it over beautifully but since I had slowed down from the Whoa I didnt have good distance so I landed on the fencing. I broke 2 boards and ran back down to where my supper was.
The gate was closed so I decided to stop and eat some grass while someone came to let me back in.
Well, this didn't go quite as planned, the man who owns the place that I live at was going to put me back in but mum said " NO WAY, Shes not going to get away with that" she marched up to me, gave me a pat on the neck and with out saying a word walked me back up to the EXACT place I just escaped from.
Things went a bit bad here.
Now I had a lunge line on with the chain over my nose ( you dont act up with the chain on your nose let me tell you) and now I had to listen to different commands.
Mum gave a firm " Walk on" so I started walking, she backed into my path after just a few steps and made me stop. Then again " walk on" this time I went around a few times until the singing "Turot" came... MAN... now I had to trot around. Mum again backed into my path right away making me stop from a trot. On I went again once I heard the command.
She had me in a canter, down to a trot, to a walk to a canter ( I dont like that transition its a bit hard) then back down to a trot and a walk. Then we did it all over again in the other direction.
It was pouring rain and mum was soaked. I'm sure she was pretty mad at me so I didnt push anything and just did as she asked.
We finished up quick enough and mum turned her back to me so I went over and joined up. Even though I know she was fuming mad, she still reached over and gave me a pat on the neck and a treat.

Then she walked me over to the spot I broke ( it was already fixed up, man those barn owners are fast) she gave me a quick grooming in the rain and I stood with my head low. Then she put the smelly stuff on my mane and asked me to back up. I threw my head up in displeasure so she made me REALLY back up. I gave her the peace offering of a chew chew lick of my lips to show I was listening and she took me back down to my supper.
I think I may have over reacted a little bit and I do have a bit of a sore belly from landing on those boards but now its full and I'm a happy horse again.
I have a feeling though that mum will be back tomorrow to make me do a little more work for that one. Oh well, its alright, shes fair with me and never pushes me too hard.
Better keep eating since I know I will burn some energy tomorrow.
Take care everyone.
Miss Fe

I hear we are going home in a month... I dont know what that means but it sounds like something that might be fun.

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