Saturday, February 21, 2009

Hi everyone

Hi, I my name is apparently Titan.
I am experiencing my first time in a "home" right now, its very odd. There are lots of big dogs here that I felt I had to fight with to prove my point. They didn't accept this well, I made a horrible first impression on my new roomies.
I'm just here for a short while so I can learn some "manners" and "basic obedience" I know nothing and do not understand why I have to go outside to pee. That just makes no sense to me at all.
Today was a hard day at this "house" I was introduced to this strange noise that always was followed by a treat. Then every time I would touch my nose on the ball thing on the end of it, the noise would happen again and another treat would come my way.
This stuff is pretty easy.
When the lady says certain words, I sometimes put my bum down on the floor and hear the noise and get a treat, or I lay down or I touch the ball again. Its pretty fun, it keeps me amused.
Today the really big dog named Kita decided she was no longer mad at me for attacking her and we played like dogs do. It was great.
There is an older hairy boy here who doesn't play with me, he's an old man though so thats alright. I'm just a pup myself. I have been alive for 10 months now and it sure took a long time for me to see that life was indeed good. I would have never thought it was this good before. I mean I always got food and water but not much "affection" I think they call it.
There were lots of other dogs like me where I lived before, some smaller ones with big heads and no snouts, and some taller ones that looked like little Boxers. We didn't have it bad I thought, but now I feel so sad for all my friends who are still at that other home I had. They would love to experience what I am experiencing now.
All I can do is hope that one day they all get out too, like I did for being "too tall"
After coming here, I think those people before were crazy, I'm a short little guy compared to the dogs here. Wonder why she said I was too tall? She's too picky.
This new lady likes me just for me, and doesn't care much about how tall I am.

Well, off to find the green ball that will make the clicky sound for some treats again.
It was nice meeting you all.


prin said...

Is he... red?!!? Cutest mini-dobie evar.

Linzy Boulter said...

Sounds as if training is going well!

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