Friday, January 23, 2009

Our new home

Well we have gone and done it. She sent us away.
But its just "for now" she said.
We're kind of liking our new place, so much more room to run and we live with 17 other horses now.
Fay found a friend she used to know before her and Venna were purchased, she's thrilled.
They remember each other and spend A LOT of time together. Fays friends name is Dakota, she's for sale again and its really hard for our human to not buy her considering Dakota was the horse that she had decided on before Fay. But lucky for Fay Dakota was already sold by the time she made up her mind. Once she found out that Dakota was gone, she insisted right then and there that she was taking Fay and Venna.
As you can see I am left out of this friendship for now, but Dakota is a nice girl and one day I will be good friends with her too, I know it.

As you can tell here, we spend a good part of our day running away from this young Thoroughbred, he's a punk, just a young gelding ( I think) but he likes to make us run, I have lost a bit of weight in the past couple weeks from being here.

I really don't make friends quite as well as Fay, she's far too easy going, but I still have her.

It took both of us a few days to realize that big round bales of hay were still good to eat. Both me and Fay were scared of them at first and would wait until the other horses would drop some on the ground before eating it. But we're good now, we got over that fear. Things are so different here, but we both like it. Even though I don't have many friends yet, its a great place for a horse to be.
I hear talk of Fay leaving this spring for a couple months, I really hope that I make some friends before she goes. She's going to get trained for riding. I keep telling her its not bad having a good human on your back, but she's nervous about it.

Well, I don't have much else to say, we're both happy and healthy at our new temp home so don't worry about us. We're not on the roads anymore =o)

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They're so pretty. :)