Friday, December 26, 2008

She's gone

A lady came by the house on Tuesday armed with a horse hauling trailer and mum came home from work early to help and spend some time with Venna.
They loaded up Venna and she hasn't come back yet.
I was really worried, her own mother doesn't seem too concerned ( So I have been kicking her extra lately for that) Venna was my best bud, and just like that she's gone.
Mum keeps saying she is at a better place with other foals and a new owner who is far more knowledgeable to raise foals. I think I better stop biting before I get loaded in one of those trailers again to never return.

Its so weird here with out Venna, Fay just keeps eating like there is nothing wrong, I think maybe she's in denial and thinks Ven will come back, but I know what happens when you get loaded in trailers, you never see your farm again.
I've been loaded twice now in my life and hope it doesn't happen again.



Technodoll said...

Sigh. So sad to see them go... how is she in her new home, have you had any news?

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prin said...